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        ABCs of Video Enhancement (Credit: 1 hour)
        Animation Process (Credit: 1 hour)
        Technology in Dispute Resolution (Credit: 1 hour)
        Using Video Graphics in Insurance Claims (Credit: 1 hour)
        Using Video Graphics in Vehicle Accident Reconstruction (Credit: 1 hour)

        Biomechanics of Injury Causation (Credit: 1 hour)
        Biomechanics of Injury Causation (Credit: 2 hours)
        Biomechanics of Intervertebral Discs (Credit: 1 hour)
        Biomechanics of Slip & Fall (Credit: 1 hour)
        Human Biomechanics in Low Speed Vehicle Collisions (Credit: 1 hour)
        Medical Device & Equipment Evaluations (Credit: 1 hour)
        A Fresh Approach to Healthcare Technology Claims (Credit: 3 hours)
        A Fresh Approach to Healthcare Technology Claims (Credit: 2 hours)

        Earthquake Damages (Credit: 2 hours)
        Earthquake Damages (Credit: 3 hours)
        Evaluating Structural Damage due to Catastrophic Events (Credit: 1 hour)
        Property Damage Assessments - Catastrophe (Credit: 1 hour)
        Property Damage Assessments - Catastrophe (Credit: 2 hours)
        Wind vs. Surge: Hurricane Damage Assessment (Credit: 1 hour)
        Wind vs. Surge: Hurricane Damage Assessment (Credit: 2 hours)

        Builder's Risk: A Primer for Residential Construction (Credit: 1 hour)
        Construction Claims & Disputes (Credit: 2 hours)
        Construction Claims & Disputes (Credit: 3 hours)
        Construction Crane Accidents (Credit: 1 hour)
        Construction Defects (Credit: 1 hour)
        Construction Defects (Credit: 2 hours)
        Construction Defects in Schools and Other Buildings (Credit: 4 hours)
        Construction in Cold Weather Climates (Credit: 3 hours)
        Construction Process & Problems (Credit: 1 hour)
        Construction Process & Problems (Credit: 2 hours)
        Construction Vibrations (Credit: 1 hour)
        Construction Worker Accidents (Credit: 1 hour)
        Contract Bond Default Cost to Complete Estimates (Credit: 1 hour)
        Green Buildings: Proceed with Caution (Credit: 2 hours)
        Green Construction: Identifying Failures and 3rd Party Liability (Credit: 1 hour)
        Identifying Subrogation in Commercial Property and Construction Claims (Credit: 1 hour)
        Structural Engineering:  Principles, Design, Investigation and Repair (Credit: 4 hours)

        Digital Forensics (Credit: 1 hour)

        Electrical Definitions and Investigations (Credit: 2 hours)
        Electrical Investigations (Credit: 1 hour)
        Power Surges and Utility Claims (Credit: 1 hour)
        Power Surges and Utility Claims (Credit: 2 hours)

        Air Quality and Contamination of Building Interiors & Contents (Credit: 1 hour)
        Asbestos Information (Credit: 1 hour)
        Bacteria Exposure, Assessment and Remediation (Credit: 1 hour)
        Chinese Drywall - Effects on Construction & Appliances (Credit: 1 hour)
        Environmental Claims Analysis and Remediation (Credit: 4 hours)
        Environmental Coming Attractions (Credit: 1 hour)
        Environmental Irony (Credit: 1 hour)
        Environmental Site Assessments (Credit: 1 hour)
        Established and Emerging Remedial Technologies (Credit: 1 hour)
        Hydraulic Fracturing During Natural Gas Drilling (Credit: 1 hour)
        Importing Environmental Contamination "Chinese Drywall" (Credit: 1 hour)
        Industry and Contamination (Credit: 1 hour)
        Insurance Liabilities Related to Imported Products (Credit: 1 hour)
        Methyl T-Butyl Ether (MTBE) (Credit: 1 hour)
        Moisture Intrusion (Credit: 1 hour)
        Mold Assessment in Building Claims (Credit: 1 hour)
        Mold Assessment in Building Claims (Credit: 2 hours)
        Mold Clearance Inspections (Credit: 1 hour)
        Mold Clearance Inspections (Credit: 2 hours)
        Mold: Going Beyond the Obvious (Credit: 1 hour)
        Mold: Going Beyond the Obvious (Credit: 2 hours)
        Perchlorate (Credit: 1 hour)
        Proving Up Environmental Costs (Credit: 1 hour)
        Subrogation Opportunities in Environmental Claims (Credit: 2 hours)
        Toxic Tort and Chemical Exposure Claim Analysis (Credit: 1 hour)
        Toxicology of Benzene (Credit: 1 hour)
        Understanding TENORM (Credit: 1 hour)
        Vapor Intrusion (Credit: 1 hour)
        Water Damage C&O and Mold Investigations (Credit: 2 hours)
        Water Damage C&O and Mold Investigations (Credit: 4 hours)

        Analysis of Complex and Technical Business Claims (Credit: 1 hour)
        Business Interrupted - Insured's Perspective of BI Claims (Credit: 1 hour)
        Business Interruption & Lost Profits: Secrets of the Pros (Credit: 1 hour)
        Business Interruption Evaluation (Credit: 1 hour)
        Economic Damages - Business Owner Injury (Credit: 1 hour)
        Forensic Accounting and Arson Investigations (Credit: 1 hour)
        Investigation of Fraud and Fidelity Claim Matters (Credit: 1 hour)

        Analyzing Vehicle Fires (Credit: 1 hour)
        Analyzing Vehicle Fires (Credit: 2 hours)
        Electrical Appliance Failures (Credit: 1 hour)
        Explosion Analysis (Credit: 1 hour)
        Fire Cause & Origin (Credit: 1 hour)
        Fireplace Fires: Recognition, Causes and Potential Litigation (Credit: 1 hour)
        Identifying and Classifying Arson (Credit: 1 hour)
        Structural Fire Analysis (Credit: 1 hour)
        Tools for Fire Investigation (Credit: 1 hour)

        Accident Investigation and Evidence Gathering (Credit: 1 hour)
        Air Brake Systems and Analysis (Credit: 1 hour)
        Airbag and Pretensioner Technology (Credit: 1 hour)
        Automotive Equipment Failure Analysis (Credit: 1 hour)
        Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction (Credit: 3 hours)
        Complex Accident Reconstruction (Credit: 1 hour)
        Damage Analysis for Consistency and Detecting Fraud (Credit: 1 hour)
        Documenting Vehicle Accidents (Credit: 2 hours)
        ECMs and Air Bag Modules: Thinking Outside the Black Box (Credit: 1 hour)
        How to Analyze and Photograph a Vehicle Accident (Credit: 1 hour)
        Impact and Damage Analysis in Low-Speed Vehicle Collisions (Credit: 1 hour)
        Motorcycle Accident Analysis and Reconstruction (Credit: 1 hour)
        Motorcycle Accident Analysis and Reconstruction (Credit: 2 hours)
        Occupant Kinematics: Child and Adult Seatbelt Use (Credit: 1 hour)
        Pedestrian - Bicycle Accident Reconstruction (Credit: 2 hours)
        Product Failure Analysis (Credit: 1 hour)
        Product Failure Root Cause Analysis (Credit: 1 hour)
        Product Liability and Subrogation (Credit: 1 hour)
        Technology in Collision Reconstruction (Credit: 1 hour)
        Technology in Collision Reconstruction (Credit: 2 hours)
        Tire & Wheel Failures (Credit: 2 hours)
        Tractor Trailer Accident Analysis (Credit: 1 hour)
        Vehicle Accident Analysis and Reconstruction (3 hr) (Credit: 3 hours)
        Vehicle Accident Analysis and Reconstruction (4 hr) (Credit: 4 hours)
        Vehicle Accident Reconstruction (1 hr) (Credit: 1 hour)
        Vehicle Product Failures (Credit: 2 hours)

        Air Conditioning Systems and Mold (Credit: 1 hour)
        Assessing Catastrophe Damage to HVAC Systems (Credit: 2 hours)
        Assessing Catastrophe Damage to HVAC Systems (Credit: 3 hours)
        Lightning Damage to HVAC (Credit: 1 hour)
        Residential / Light Commercial HVAC Construction Defects (Credit: 1 hour)

        Characteristics and Hazards of Liquefied Petroleum Gases (Credit: 2 hours)
        Interactions between Upstream, Midstream and Downstream (Credit: 2 hours)
        Refinery and Chemical Building Blocks (Credit: 1 hour)
        The Chemical and Petrochemical Industry (Credit: 1 hour)
        The Power Generation Industry (Credit: 1 hour)
        The Refining Industry (Credit: 2 hours)

        How to Select and Use Consultants (Credit: 1 hour)
        Investigating 3rd Party Liability Claims (Credit: 1 hour)
        Standard of Care in Playground Safety (Credit: 1 hour)

        Claims and Litigation in the Natural Gas Industry (Credit: 1 hour)
        Oil & Gas Terminology for the Adjuster: Drill Bit to Burner Tip (Credit: 1 hour)
        Introduction to Oil & Gas Drilling Operations (Credit: 2 hours)
        Oilfield Accidents (Credit: 2 hours)

        Causes of Tile Distress (Credit: 1 hour)
        Commercial Roof Construction and Damage (Credit: 1 hour)
        Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (Credit: 2 hours)
        Duration of Water Loss (Credit: 1 hour)
        Evaluating Hail Damage (Credit: 1 hour)
        Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) (Credit: 1 hour)
        Fall from Heights (Credit: 1 hour)
        Flood Damage Assessments (Credit: 1 hour)
        Foundation and Plumbing Repairs (Credit: 1 hour)
        Foundation Failures (Credit: 1 hour)
        Lessons Learned in Evaluating Wind Damage (Credit: 1 hour)
        Low-Slope Roofing (Credit: 1 hour)
        Low-Slope Roofing (Credit: 2 hours)
        Non-Hurricane Related CAT Issues (Credit: 2 hours)
        Pipe Freeze Investigations (Credit: 1 hour)
        Plumbing Systems (Credit: 1 hour)
        Plumbing Systems Installation & Testing (Credit: 1 hour)
        Practical Interpretation and Application of the IICRC S500 (Credit: 4 hours)
        Premises Liability (Credit: 1 hour)
        Residential Roof Construction and Damage (Credit: 1 hour)
        Roof Construction, Materials and Damages (Credit: 3 hours)
        Roof Construction, Materials and Problems (Credit: 2 hours)
        Roof Damage (Credit: 1 hour)
        Sinkhole Investigations (Credit: 1 hour)
        Slip and Fall (Credit: 1 hour)
        Steep-Slope Roofing (Credit: 1 hour)
        Steep-Slope Roofing (Credit: 2 hours)
        The Appraisal Process (Credit: 1 hour)
        The Fundamentals of Placing Reinforced Concrete (Credit: 2 hours)
        Thermal Imaging (Credit: 1 hour)
        Tornado Damage Assessments (Credit: 1 hour)
        Trip & Fall (Credit: 1 hour)
        Wind & Hail Damage (Credit: 2 hours)
        Wind and Hail Damage (Credit: 3 hours)
        Wind Damage (Credit: 2 hours)
        Window Construction Defects (Credit: 1 hour)
        Window Construction Defects and Water Spray Testing (Credit: 2 hours)

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