2015 Speaking Engagement Third Quarter Update

Rimkus is pleased to announce that our professional consulting staff will again be presenting several continuing education seminars through the balance of the year. Their presentations will cover a variety of topics, involving a number of disciplines that focus on forensic investigations to help meet the needs of risk managers, attorneys, and claims professionals.

National Events

CLM Claims College
September 9, 2015 - Philadelphia, PA

"Truck Accident Reconstruction" will provide insight on accident reconstruction basics so that students may learn how an expert Reconstructionist investigates a scene and determines the causes of accidents. Topics such as understanding time and distance calculation, perception, reaction, and stopping distances, light bulb filaments, dynamic blind spots, scene and vehicle documentation, and Electronic Control Modules will be addressed. The course will also cover a tractor/trailer's mechanical systems and how they relate to accident causes.                       

Speaker Panel

Kevin D. Smith, Founding Partner, Wood, Smith, Henning, and Berman
Mark H. Nelson, PE, CFEI, CVFI, Division Manager, Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc

The CLM's Claims College is a two-day educational experience where students will benefit from a rigorous curriculum, which is designed to help strengthen current skills and develop new skills and knowledge in order to excel professionally. Upon successful completion of all three levels, graduates will earn the Certified Claims Professional (CCP) in Casualty Clams designation. Click here for more information.

PLRB Central Regional Conference
September 9, 2015 - Columbus, OH

Subrogation: “Top 10 Failures with Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Systems” will educate attendees on the most common types of failures of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems, as well as heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems found in buildings today. The panel will present multiple case studies and review techniques for evaluating MEP losses, such as identifying potential responsible parties, assessing repairs versus replacement, and preparing cost estimates for various repair options.

Speaker Panel

Robert A. Stern, Esq., Partner, Clausen Miller, P.C.
Jeffrey H. Peters, PE, LEED® AP, BD+C, MAC, CEICC, CSDS, CMCC, Vice President, National MEP Division Manager, Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.                        

The PLRB Central Regional Conference is a two-day event which provides industry professionals the opportunity to earn up to 12 hours of CE credits. Regional critical claims topics will be presented and give attendees the opportunity to gain knowledge to broaden professional development skills.Click here for more information.

Arkansas Trucking Seminar
September 16, 2015 - Rogers, AR

“The Cutting Edge: Use of a Drone for Accident Investigation and Reconstruction”will be presented by S. Lance Phy, ACTAR, of the Rimkus Forensics Practice Group. The presentation will focus on using a drone to aid in investigating and reconstructing accidents. Mr. Phy has 20 years of hands-on experience and more than 800 hours of technical training in collision investigation and reconstruction.

The Arkansas Trucking Seminarbrings together trucking industry professionals, and defense counsel to address the important issues in the dynamic trucking business.

DRI Annual Conference

October 8, 2015 - Washington, D.C.

“Green Building Litigation”addresses the growing use of "green" building products and materials in new construction. The speaker panel will address arising issues from these products due to the lack of testing over time and under real-world conditions. Both LEED certified presenters will explain the array of new and potentially financially harmful litigation arising from the use of "green" products and the types of disputes they are generating.

Seminar Speakers

Charles E. Reynolds, II, Butler LLP
Jeffrey H. Peters, PE, LEED® AP, BD+C, MAC, CEICC, CSDS, CMCC, Vice President, National MEP Division Manager, Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.     

The DRI Annual Conference is a multi-day event which will provide attendees the opportunity to attend CLE programming on developing topics to stay ahead of the game. Attendees can earn up to 12 hours of CLE credits including 3.3 hours of ethics credit. Click herefor more information.

URMIA Annual Conference
October 12, 2015 - Minneapolis, MN

"Premises Liability - Slip or Trip and Fall Investigations and Evaluations" is a seminar designed to provide participants with a working knowledge of the basic principles of premises liability. The instructors will cover various codes and industry standards in use today to evaluate a slip or trip and fall incident. Additionally, there will be live demonstrations of the equipment used to measure the slip resistance of walking surfaces. The presentation will use examples of past projects at the University of Texas System to illustrate how an alleged slip or tip and fall incident is investigated as well as the possible outcomes. 

Seminar Speakers

John Santos, Claims Coordinator, University of Texas System
Thomas L. Parco, RA, LEED® AP, Western Regional Property Division Manager, Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

The University Risk Management & Insurance Association (URMIA) 46th Annual Conference is a multi-day event which offers 37 educational breakout sessions, 5 pre-conference workshop opportunities and special events for industry professionals. Click here for more information.

Regional Events

5th Annual Forensic CE Seminar
September 18, 2015 - Phoenix, AZ

“Accident Reconstruction of High Speed Collisions, presented by S. Dale Fridley, MBA, PE, Principal Consultant, Rimkus Forensics Practice Group           

“Introduction to Finite Element Analysis, presented by Thomas J. Kulaga, PE, Senior Consultant, Rimkus Forensics Practice Group

“Building Design and Construction Defects, presented by Seth L. Rosenman, AIA, Western Region Construction Division Manager, Rimkus Construction Practice Group 

“Premises Liability Investigations in Hospitality Claims, presented by Christopher R. Grubbs, PE, LEED® AP, CXLT, District Manager, Rimkus Property Practice Group

The 5thAnnual Forensic CE Seminar is a one-day training session on a variety of topics. A total of 5 FL, OK, TX, and WY CE credits are available. Click herefor more information.             

Rimkus Crash and Learn CE Event
September 24, 2015 - Indianapolis, IN

“Human Biomechanics in Low Speed Collisions,is a one-hour course designed to help the participant understand the dynamics of the human body and the associated injury potential in a specific class of automotive accidents. The course will provide some familiarity with human anatomy and commonly claimed injuries so personal injury allegations may be more clearly understood.

“ECM's and Airbag Modules - Thinking Outside the Black Box, is a one-hour seminar designed to inform adjusters what an Electronic Data Recorder (EDR) is, which (commercial and passenger) vehicles have them and what they record, and how the data can be used and misused. State and Federal EDR laws will be presented as well.

Seminar Speakers
Ana Barbir, PhD, Senior Consultant, Rimkus Biomechanical Practice Group
Louis V. Inendino, MS, PE, ACTAR, Western Regional Forensic Division Manager, Rimkus Forensics Practice Group

The Rimkus Crash and Learn CE Event is a one-day event which will begin with live staged auto accidents involving Rimkus experts. These accidents will be filmed from external and internal cameras to analyze crash data and injury causation from low impact collisions. The live demonstration will be followed by 2 hours of classroom CE presentations. A total of 2 IN CE credits are available. Click herefor more information.

1st Annual Forensic CE/CLE Seminar
September 25, 2015 - Seattle, WA

“Bicycle Accident Reconstruction, presented by Garrick F. Mitchell, MS, PE, Western Region Forensic Division Manager, Rimkus Forensics Practice Group                   

“Building Design and Construction, presented by Seth L. Rosenman, AIA, Western Region Construction Division Manager, Rimkus Construction Practice Group.

“Premises Liability, presented by John C. Bolig, RA, LEED® AP, Principal Consultant, Rimkus Property Practice Group.

“Electrical Facts, Myths, and Other Energizing Tales, presented by Joe Nowikowski, PE CFEI, Western Regional Electrical Division Manager, Rimkus Electrical Practice Group.  

The 1st  Annual Forensic CE Seminar is a one-day training session on a variety of topics. A total of 5 CA, TX, and WY CE credits are available. Click here for more information.