Company History

Headquartered in Houston with a Global Reach.

In 1983, chemical engineer Robert E. Rimkus started a small Houston-based company called R.E. Rimkus and Associates, operating from his home.  From those humble beginnings, Rimkus Consulting Group has transformed itself into one of the premier forensic engineering and consulting companies in the world. 

Incorporated as Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. in 1987, Rimkus Consulting soon started on a path of growth led by the vision of Bob Rimkus.  That growth has entailed geographic expansion and the addition of new services as required by our clients. 

In 1995, Bob Rimkus passed away, and the leadership of the Company was transferred to S. Frank Culberson, Gary W. Markham, and Ralph S. Graham.  Gary Markham retired in 2008, and Robert P. Kocher, assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer.  At that time, Curtis R. Brown succeeded Frank Culberson as President and CEO.  Frank Culberson has continued on with Rimkus as Chairman of the Board.  Ralph Graham retired in 2013.

Today, Rimkus Consulting Group continues the vision of growth and exemplary services put into place years ago.  The company continues to expand geographically and continues to add new services.  Rimkus currently has 50 offices worldwide, over 400 full-time employees and a team of engineers and consultants unmatched in the industry.