Featured Projects

Our clients call upon us to perform a wide variety of assignments across the spectrum of engineering and scientific disciplines and at locations all over the world.  Over the years, some assignments have stood out by being extraordinarily substantial in scope, particularly interesting or challenging to us, or perhaps very high profile. While we can’t begin to present them all or even an adequate cross-section of them here because of the breadth of our scope of offerings, below are some that highlight for you the kinds of assignments we take on for our clients. You might find some of them interesting.

International Construction Dispute

An international engineering firm was involved in a dispute with an international construction company on a refinery expansion project in a Pacific Rim country.  The project had run far behind schedule and was significantly over budget.  At stake in the dispute were tens of millions of dollars.  Rimkus was retained by the engineering firm to assist in preparations for an arbitration hearing. more

Liquids Pipeline Strike

A backhoe working in a pipeline right-of-way struck and damaged a natural gas liquids pipeline carrying product from the Texas Panhandle to the Houston area. Fortunately, there was no explosion and no injuries.  However, the ensuing fire, visible from as much as 50 miles distant, caused significant damage to the pipeline that was struck, damaged two other pipelines running nearby, damaged overhead high voltage power lines and reportedly caused lost revenue for a nearby producing well.  Rimkus was retained to evaluate the losses claimed by the various parties. more

Puerto Rico Gas Explosion

An office building in the Rio Piedras district of San Juan, Puerto Rico experienced a massive gas-fueled explosion that completely blew out the lower floors of this six-story building.  More than 30 people were killed in the explosion.  Another 80, both inside and outside the building, were injured.  Rimkus was retained by the local water utility, one of the potentially responsible parties, to determine the cause of the explosion and the source of the gas build-up that led to it. more

Sugar Refinery Wastewater Treatment Facility Explosion

A sugar refinery wastewater treatment plant under construction suffered an explosion during the construction of two aeration tanks.  Without warning, an explosion occurred in the sump from which wastewater was being pumped into the operating tank.  A second explosion a few seconds later caused major damage to the first aeration tank, then in operation, while the second was still under construction.  Rimkus was retained to determine the cause of the explosion. more

Pipeline Environmental Spill Litigation

A crude oil and petroleum products pipeline company was experiencing an unusually high frequency of hydrocarbon releases into streams, rivers and coastal bays from pipeline and tankage leaks. The United States Department of Justice, Environmental and Natural Resources Division, representing the US Environmental Enforcement Agency sued the pipeline company for 194 violations of the Clean Water Act. more

Federal Courthouse Modernization

The design brief for the Byron Rogers Federal Office Building and Courthouse in Denver, Colorado included the ambitious goal of making it the most energy efficient building in GSA’s portfolio of existing buildings. As a member of the design-build team, Rimkus architects and engineers provided consultation and design review for the proposed modifications to the building envelope.  This work involved upgrading the opaque portions of the envelope—which needed to remain in place due to the building’s historic nature—as well as improving the thermal performance of the existing windows.  

Rimkus personnel conducted sophisticated hygrothermal modeling to analyze the performance of the envelope design.  The objectives were to mitigate potential problems associated with vapor migration through the precast concrete wall panels, as well as to avoid condensation on the glass of the improved windows. The roof design was also evaluated for compliance with codes and GSA standards.  During construction, Rimkus evaluated a subcontractor’s work which was found to be in conflict with construction documents and then made recommendations for a resolution.

Expert Witness Testimony on Construction Dispute

The U.S. Coast Guard became involved in a multi-year dispute with a contractor over construction deficiencies in a maintenance shop building.  The litigation, handled by the U.S. Department of Justice Commercial Litigation Office, was over the contractor’s failure to remove and replace defective building materials. more

Construction Management

The Microsystems and Engineering Science Applications (MESA) Project provides Sandia National Laboratory with a 21st century complex of research laboratories and microchip manufacturing facilities.  During the initial construction stages of this project a Rimkus professional served as a civil construction management engineer for Sandia Labs, overseeing the upgrading and expansion of laboratory utility systems to support the new complex of high technology buildings. more