Federal Courthouse Modernization

The design brief for the Byron Rogers Federal Office Building and Courthouse in Denver, Colorado included the ambitious goal of making it the most energy efficient building in GSA’s portfolio of existing buildings. As a member of the design-build team, Rimkus architects and engineers provided consultation and design review for the proposed modifications to the building envelope.  This work involved upgrading the opaque portions of the envelope—which needed to remain in place due to the building’s historic nature—as well as improving the thermal performance of the existing windows.  

Rimkus personnel conducted sophisticated hygrothermal modeling to analyze the performance of the envelope design.  The objectives were to mitigate potential problems associated with vapor migration through the precast concrete wall panels, as well as to avoid condensation on the glass of the improved windows. The roof design was also evaluated for compliance with codes and GSA standards.  During construction, Rimkus evaluated a subcontractor’s work which was found to be in conflict with construction documents and then made recommendations for a resolution.