International Construction Dispute

An international engineering firm was involved in a dispute with an international construction company on a refinery expansion project in a Pacific Rim country.  The project had run far behind schedule and was significantly over budget.  At stake in the dispute were tens of millions of dollars.  Rimkus was retained by the engineering firm to assist in preparations for an arbitration hearing. more...

We were asked to offer opinions on whether the construction company had planned and scheduled the project properly to address some of the key issues.  One key finding was that the contractor failed to adequately plan for and then failed to properly execute construction of the modular design for the project.  This resulted in extensive delays.  At one point, they were falling behind 2½ more days each week.  Further, the contractor elected to do extensive pre-construction off-site and then move these huge components through the town to the refinery site.

Because of the client’s need to perform the analysis and prepare for the arbitration on short notice, Rimkus brought to bear over 30 consultants, each working on a small portion of the project, who in total spent nearly 10,500 man-hours in the short seven months that were available.  Their individual work products were accumulated into the major segments of the arbitration.  We then produced a combined animation and live video presentation for the arbitrators and to support the Rimkus testifying experts.