Our Work

Scientific certainty is without value unless communicated timely, clearly and concisely.

An important part of our offering to clients is our geographic diversity as well as a staff composed of engineers and scientists from a wide variety of disciplines.  Our clients also know that our work product will be presented to them in a consistent format, clearly written, and delivered in a timely manner. Our quality control process assures that result.

Industry Knowledge. 

Rimkus experts are well-seasoned, with an average  of 15 to 20 years of professional experience. As a result, we have backgrounds that extend both deep and wide and from a variety of industries. To each assignment, we bring not only knowledge specific to the task at hand but also knowledge peripheral to it to help our clients understand the problem, our analysis and what happened.

Investigative Approach. 

In conducting our investigations, we first assume that even the simplest assignment might result in litigation. To ensure that we are prepared for that event, we use a consistent investigative approach that includes careful documentation of the conditions present; and inspection, collection, cataloging and preservation of pertinent evidence.

Functional Expertise. 

Because of our extensive expertise, we are able to understand and consider the pure science behind the situation as well as to assess in detail the particular event being investigated. This ability stems from the combination of a wide range of backgrounds and experience and the selection of the right expert for the task at hand.

Analysis & Report.

Thorough analysis using the scientific method is conducted on all assignments. This approach means that we:

  • observe systematically,
  • measure and experiment, and
  • formulate, test and modify our hypotheses.


No matter how well we conduct our inspection and analysis, they are of no value unless we can communicate the information to our clients and, where necessary, to juries. Part of our prospective employee interview process includes being sure that the candidate is a clear, concise communicator. That, along with our standardized review process for all reports and in-house training, helps to ensure the quality of our work product. And that is a Rimkus hallmark.