Topics by Rimkus Experts

In addition to our extensive list of continuing education seminars, presented in person, from time-to-time Rimkus experts share their knowedge and techniques through podcasts and videos, answering questions regarding a wide range of topics.  We currently have available the following:

Garrick Mitchell, P.E.:
How to Investigate Bicycle Accidents

Dr. Dirk Smith, P.E.:
Auto Accident Investigation Tips
Factors Considered in Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Dr. Richard Baratta, P.E.:
Injuries Occurring in Rollover Accidents

Jerry Mercer, P.E.:
Investigating and Evaluating Hail Damage Claims

Wes Jordan, S.E., P.E.:
Damage Caused by Non-Hurricane Related Catastrophe Weather Events
Why and Where Pipe Freezes Occur (video)

Tom Parco, R.A.:
Investigating Slip-and-Falls and Trip-and-Falls

Jeff Peters, P.E.:
Damage to HVAC Systems from Lightning Strikes and the Impact of New Refrigerant Products in Air Conditioning Systems;
Frozen pipes--How and Why They Happen and How They are Investigated

Dan Barton, P.E.:
Sinkhole Investigation and Damage Evaluation

Jonathan Higgins, P.E.
Building Envelope Science - A Primer

Dr. Torrence Welch
The Biomechanics of Slips, Trips and Falls

Michael C. Lamp
Understanding Building Consulting Services