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  • Bachelor of Science - University of California at San Diego
  • Licensed Civil and Structural Engineer - California, Oregon and Washington

Chris Allen Hasse, P.E.

Senior Consultant

Mr. Hasse is a structural engineering graduate from the University of California at San Diego. He has a diverse background in the structural design of commercial, residential and industrial structures utilizing a wide range of materials. He is a licensed Civil and Structural Engineer in Washington, Oregon, and California.

Mr. Hasse has design proficiency in wood design ranging from single level to five level residential wood structures, pre-engineered wood trusses, wood I-joists, and structural insulated panels. He is experienced with structural steel design of single level box buildings, multilevel buildings, steel bar joists, moment frames, concentrically braced frames, and eccentrically braced frames. He has completed many cold formed steel designs for cladding and veneer support, as well as a four story load bearing cold formed building with sheet steel shear walls. His design proficiency with masonry includes concrete masonry units, clay masonry, brick veneer as well as some unreinforced brick remediation. Mr. Hasse is design proficient with concrete conventional shallow foundations, concrete foundations on pin-piles, concrete foundations on augercast piles, cast-in-place concrete structures, tilt-up wall structures, and pre-cast concrete structures.

Mr. Hasse has completed seismic evaluations and upgrades to masonry and wood structures on earthquake-damaged buildings such as hospitals and office buildings. For such work, he has applied the ASCE 31 standard for Seismic Evaluation of Existing Buildings

Representative engagements include:

  • Construction Vibrations - Inspected, evaluated, and prepared reports of findings regarding cause and origin of multiple construction vibration claims. Ordered and evaluated testing where required.
  • Waterfront structures - Inspected, evaluated and prepared report of findings regarding cause and origin of damage to multiple properties with bulkhead walls, a large marina, and a dock on a lake.
  • Snow overload - Inspection through report of findings for multiple structures suffering from apparent snow overload. Reported on the cause for the damage reported.
  • Wind damage - Inspection through report of findings for multiple structures subject to apparent wind damage.