International Operations

Rimkus Consulting Ltd. is an international provider of forensic consulting and advisory services to insurance companies, law firms and corporations.  Our professional engineers, construction managers, scientists and technical specialists are recognized for their commitment to service excellence worldwide.

Since 1983, Rimkus has served clients worldwide, including thousands of industrial, commercial, and property claims, and disputes in more than 70 foreign countries.

The Rimkus team brings a multi-disciplined approach and a unique understanding to evaluating the cause of complex losses, as well as evaluating the impact of economic damages.  To help our clients mitigate loss exposures, our team can assist clients throughout reconstruction to speed the process to recovery.

As a respected leader in forensic investigations, our consulting experts offer a broad range of expertise in energy, oil and gas, marine, fire and explosion sciences, construction, environmental sciences, industrial hygiene and toxicology.


Rimkus conducts thousands of forensic investigations each year.  From natural disasters and injury accidents to power plant explosions and contract claim disputes, Rimkus is retained to determine origin and cause of a wide range of accidents, incidents and disputes to determine what happened and explain the facts at issue.  Our forensic and dispute resolution experience encompasses:

  • Power generation including steam and gas turbines, boilers, renewables and reciprocating engines
  • Fire and explosion investigation
  • Heat exchangers, steam generators, pumps, condensers, turbines and tanks
  • Electrical including networks, motors, generators, switchgear and transformers.
  • Machinery including rotating equipment, drive systems, crushers, material handling, filters, screens
  • Chemistry including issues with process, contamination and hazardous materials
  • Pipeline issues with Horizontal Directional Drilling, subsurface, overland and polymers
  • Environmental losses involving gas cleaning, water management and treatment, asbestos and debris removal
  • Renewables including wind, solar and biomass
  • Construction losses involving project management, performance testing, contract disputes, construction accidents and variation orders. Reinstatement issues after a loss
  • Metallurgy including material selection, fatigue, failure analysis, material testing


Rimkus specializes in performing risk engineering surveys for insurance underwriting to examine the technical hazards associated with business operations in order to determine financial risk.  Risk engineering surveys involve the assessment of potential risks of property damage as well as business interruption.

Given Rimkus’ broad range of industry expertise and professional staff, we deliver a qualified team to examine all aspects of the risk as well as how the operation is maintained. The Probable Maximum Loss (PML) and Estimated Maximum Loss (EML) assessments are reported, along with a loss history, recommendations for risk improvements, and the quality of the risk.

Typical Risk Surveys conducted by Rimkus include power plants, petrochemical facilities and related complex industrial and commercial operations.