Practice areas

With an industry-leading team of Forensic Engineering Experts and Forensic Analysis Experts, Rimkus can apply its expertise to a broad spectrum of products, industries and applications. In every instance, customers can count on an investigative approach that covers every angle and clearly communicates results. 

Accident reconstruction experts

Identifying the key elements that led to an accident.

Biomechanical analysis

Understanding the cause of injuries in an accident.

Biomedical engineering | medical device and equipment failures

Understanding the root causes and effects of medical equipment failures.

Building systems

Thorough investigations from foundation to roof.

Catastrophe services

Fast-response teams focus on crucial and timely analysis.

Computer animation | trial graphics and video services

Visual presentations for clear understanding of the facts.

Construction claims and disputes

Investigating claims and losses related to construction problems.

Drone Investigations

Use of fast developing drone technology brings a clear picture to difficult or dangerous to access locations.

Electrical Engineering Expert Services

Examination of electrical and electronic equipment to determine its impact on incidents and accidents.

Energy | oil and gas

Expertise in every step from discovery to market.

Environmental science, health and safety

Unsurpassed knowledge of regulations and practices to handle any claim.

Fire and explosion science analyses

Locating the origin and cause are the first steps to determining what happened.

Forensic Engineering Experts

Expertise across both the fields of engineering and the sciences.

Geotechnical | structural damage assessments

Determining the impact of nearby seismic events, sinkholes and soil subsidence on structural integrity.

Government Services

Understanding the issues faced by local, state and federal government agencies.

Industrial Accidents

Getting to the bottom of what happened and why so it doesn't happen again.


Manufacturing and machinery sciences

Identifying performance issues, assessing damage and finding a solution.

Offshore and Inland Marine

Assessing vehicle, vessel and product damage related to transportation.

Premises liability

Expert evaluations and safety reviews for every element of a property.

Product liability and equipment sciences

Evaluating claims caused by malfunctioning products, equipment and machines.

Property loss consultants

Assessing the condition of or damages to commercial and residential buildings.

Structural engineering

Making critical determinations in the aftermath of a damage-causing event.

Toxicology, Consumer Product and Food Safety

Evaluating the safety of exposure to chemicals in consumer products, the workplace, and the environment.

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Recreating events to help understand what happened and how.

To better serve our clients' needs and permit quicker response to assignments, Rimkus maintains offices in the following locations: