Biomechanical Analysis

With accidents come injuries. Rimkus biomechanical engineers assist in understanding the injuries with respect to the mechanisms involved and how they may or may not be related to a claimed injury event.

Many accidents -- whether they take place in a vehicle, the workplace or in a commercial establishment -- involve injuries. Rimkus' biomechanical engineering experts understand how those injuries occur or more specifically how the human body reacts to externally applied and internally generated forces.

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The Human Body in an Accident

Accidents can happen anywhere.  In an age where the human body commonly interacts with machines and objects as diverse as motor vehicles, exercise equipment, staircases, amusement park rides, and industrial equipment, and in a wide range of environments, it is often necessary to determine the forces and motions present and how and why tissue damage occurs. Rimkus' biomechanical engineers can help determine the cause of the injuries claimed or determine if there are inconsistencies between the accident scenario and the injuries being claimed.

Compliance Investigation

Our biomechanical engineers also review applicable building codes and regulations to determine whether the incident was caused by deficiencies in code compliance, poor design criteria or construction defects, and to determine whether any of these factors might have contributed to the scope or severity of injuries.  These reviews commonly come into play in slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents in hotels, restaurants and casinos.

Occupant Protection

Rimkus experts investigate the function of vehicle occupant protection systems, such as seatbelts, airbags, pretensioners and child safety seats, to understand their role in mitigating injuries in accidents. We can help identify whether these systems were being used appropriately, and if the lack of appropriate use contributed to the injuries that vehicle occupants sustained.

Human Motion and Anthropometry

We can evaluate human dimensions and motion in terms of how they may have affected the circumstances of an accident; whether devices were sized appropriately for their intended users; and whether a person’s motions and size would have been consistent with the event as described.


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