Building Systems

Modern building construction introduces a new series of problems.

While new construction methods and designs bring rewards of increased operational efficiency, they also place additional demands on heating and ventilation systems, plumbing, roofing, doors, windows and virtually every other part of the structure. Rimkus engineers have investigated all types of building problems, from foundation design to the roof structure and from residential to high-rise buildings.

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Building Envelope Challenges

Starting with the building envelope that surrounds all of those systems, proper sealing of a structure reduces the demand on HVAC systems. Those systems, however, must be designed to provide proper environmental conditions for the occupants. Similarly, plumbing systems have undergone changes to include low-flow fixtures, high-efficiency boilers and water heaters, and even gray water systems, all designed to increase building efficiency. Our engineers assess the condition of a building’s envelope to assure that it is of a proper design, was constructed according to plans, and provides the building with the protection for which it was designed. We can now access and inspect the exterior of high-rise buildings using our fleet of drones, permitting inspection without the expense of scaffolding or manlifts.

Green Buildings

Increased efficiency helps to reduce the environmental footprint of the building. Rimkus engineers are trained in the requirements for Green Building construction, operation and maintenance, and many hold LEED® AP certification. We are often called upon to inspect and ensure that new construction and remodeling efforts meet the requirements for LEED® certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Forensic Engineering Support

Modern buildings can encompass a host of problems that require investigation, analysis and remediation recommendations.  As a firm of recognized international forensic engineering experts, we are well suited to assist in these matters.  Whether a one-story home or a high-rise office building, we are experienced in determining the cause of performance problems and providing the solutions to them.  Our construction experts can assist in solving all manner of problems of this nature.

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