Catastrophe Services

When catastrophe strikes, time is of the essence. Rimkus CAT Teams are the answer.


Hurricanes, Tornadoes and More

Catastrophes come in many forms: hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and even hail storms. In their wake they leave a path of destruction ranging from total devastation to minor damage. Surviving the event does not mean that a structure is safe for use. And you don’t have the luxury of time to make assessments on the condition of what may total thousands of structures.  Instead, you need experts who can mobilize and be on the scene within a matter of hours. Rimkus' catastrophe teams—composed of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers—are ready to provide the crucial and timely analyses that are vital in the assessment of damage.

Structural Damage Assessments

Our civil and structural engineers assess structural damage as well as make determinations on wind versus rising water and storm surge. We're also available to determine feasibility, scope, the estimated cost of repairs and monitor construction progress. Our HAZWOPER-trained experts can also perform the monitoring and sampling required during hazardous waste clean-up and remediation efforts.  Past experience has shown this to be of great importance with regard to the availability of temporary residences--hotels and motels--in areas impacted by CAT events.

Commercial and Industrial Losses

At the same time, commercial and industrial facilities suffer damage to their production equipment.  Prior to restarting operations, equipment must be checked for damage, the appropriate repairs determined and made, and the equipment placed back in service following approved start-up procedures.  Our mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers oversee this process to assure smooth transition into operation.

Habitability Assessment

As time elapses following incidents of mass destruction, the habitability of structures that remain and are repairable can also become an issue due to fungal and bacterial growth that may occur.  Rimkus’ certified industrial hygienists have extensive experience in assessing mold problems, developing remediation plans and conducting subsequent clearance testing.

Rimkus' National Catastrophe Center is a dedicated single point of contact for quick resolution and claims service.

CAT Hotline: (866) 408-4228     CAT Fax: (877) 228-2223
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