Computer Animation | Trial Graphics and Video Enhancement

An elegant solution to a complex engineering problem is only as good as one’s ability to explain it.

Rimkus’ Animation, Graphics and Video Group has more than 20 years of experience in preparing animated and video sequences and courtroom graphics for use as demonstrative evidence in litigation matters. On numerous occasions, we have seen juries respond to our graphical images that make complex facts clear and impart an understanding of the incident as the story unfolds before them. Only with that clarity of understanding can they return the proper verdict.


Our animation specialists work with the results of the investigating expert’s analysis to recreate the incident in exactly the manner described by the expert’s calculations. This allows the expert to testify along with the assistance of an accurate animation depicting exactly what the expert has determined. The impact of this method of presentation in the courtroom is immense.


Rimkus doesn’t stop at animation.  We videotape calibrated nighttime visibility studies to match conditions at the location and time of the accident.  When an event cannot be captured from a single camera, we setup synchronized multi-cameras that can be edited to a single monitor.

Video Enhancement

Rimkus has Forensic Video Enhancement capabilities that utilize state of the art video enhancement software.  All types of media are enhanced including video from surveillance cameras, cell phones, and digital cameras. 

Courtroom Graphics

For less-complex matters, or for presentations at preliminary activities such as mediations or settlement conferences, our static display graphics serve to deliver the true picture of what has taken place and help the parties understand their positions. Invariably, the audience -- whether a jury or opposing parties in an insurance dispute -- finds animation, video sequences and well-prepared courtroom graphics highly persuasive.

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