Construction Claims and Disputes

Specialized Forensic Construction Experts

Rimkus offers a highly specialized team of forensic construction experts to serve you in all aspects of construction management, construction claims, construction accidents and construction dispute resolution, bring to bear the experience from assignments in every state in the U.S. and 70 foreign countries.

Beginning with the first assignments Rimkus undertook in 1983, we have investigated claims and losses related to construction problems around the globe. Construction site accidents are investigated with attention given not only to the causes of the accident but also to appropriate changes in worksite procedures to avoid another accident. Our experience in evaluating construction claims includes a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects, such as:

  • Issue analysis
  • Document assessment
  • Schedule and cost analysis
  • Cause and effect determination
  • Damage analysis
  • Delay and impact evaluation
  • Cost recovery assessment

Design and Construction

Rimkus structural engineers, building systems engineers and architects are experienced in the design, analysis and construction of residential and commercial buildings; industrial, petrochemical and manufacturing facilities; as well as bridges, signs, towers and more.

Forensic Construction Investigation

Our forensic engineers and architects are uniquely qualified to evaluate structural damage stemming from a variety of causes including wind events, flooding, ice and snow loading, fires and explosions, mechanical impact from vehicles and debris, ground subsidence or nearby construction. We have investigated collapses and failures of building components, differential foundation movement, the effects of long-term deterioration on structural components, and design and construction defects.

Construction Management

Rimkus also provides advice and support personnel for construction management.  Our services range from plan review and management of new construction projects to surety investigations and providing a "clerk of the works" for reconstruction efforts. We offer a wide range of services to help resolve problems and get projects back on the road to successful completion.

Construction Claims and Advisory Services

Throughout the life of a project, Rimkus construction experts can provide assistance in formulating, developing and executing the project plan.  We offer services including business plan assessment, negotiation support and cash flow projections as well as development of execution plans and evaluation of insurance plans.  During execution of the project, our services range from reviewing contractor plans to construction management, engineering and architectural oversight, and clerk of the works supervision. We’re also there should problems develop with mediation and arbitration support and claims evaluation.

Construction Surety Bonds

Our experts routinely assess performance bond or payment bond defaults. We move quickly to determine the most appropriate course of action to reach the project goal while minimizing lost time and extra expense. Through our experience, we have learned that an affirmative and aggressive approach on behalf of the Surety has the effect of controlling the loss and creating a positive adjustment to contract balances. Contractor default analyses, completion cost estimates and construction claims resolution are supported by our staff of more than 300 professionals.

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