Drone Investigations

Rapid advances in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – commonly referred to as drone technology--are changing the face of our industry, and Rimkus is dedicated to providing innovative, technology-driven solutions that add value to our clients.

As a full service forensic engineering consulting firm, our professional team of qualified and licensed UAS pilots-in-command are taking a leadership position to assist industry clients with aerial drone inspections of structures and facilities.

Drone Fleet

Our fleet of quadcopters offers unique flight characteristics that are ideally suited for the documentation of evidence during forensic investigations. With high-resolution cameras and Wi-Fi/GPS-enabled control systems, these hover-style drones can be maneuvered close to structures at great heights or flown high above large areas, returning detailed imagery in each case. The images and information captured by aerial drone inspections will help improve risk assessments and the recovery process. When drones with unique capabilities are required, we call upon firms with whom we have standing contracts to provide those services on our behalf.

Difficult and Dangerous Inspections

Aerial quadcopter technology is especially beneficial for difficult and dangerous inspections, such as those involving steep-sloped roofs, exterior facades and walls, towers and bridges, damage due to fires and explosions, vehicle accidents, and catastrophic events. We can now gather better, more-timely evidence in challenging locations with less risk and expense. Through the use of these aerial photography platforms, we can help clients reach a much greater range of locations for conducting inspections and surveys as part of forensic investigations.

Specific UAS-enabled applications offered will include:

  • Dimensionally accurate point cloud mapping of specific incident sites or large areas of interest to create three-dimensional maps of the location.
  • Catastrophe damage assessment – damage assessments to include surveys of dangerous areas resulting from hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, and wildfire
  • Fire and explosion investigations – viewing complex, difficult-to-access fires and explosions, burn and explosion concussion patterns, debris field patterns
  • Roofing Investigations – evaluation of wind, water, and hail damage, as well as construction and maintenance deficiencies
  • Building envelope investigations – evaluation of design, construction and material defects, and maintenance deficiencies
  • Risk surveys –conduct of Property Condition Assessments (PCA), Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Probable Maximum Loss (PML) Assessments of buildings, exploration activities, process plants, pipelines, marine facilities, drilling operations
  • Other forensic investigations – including wind turbines, solar farms, bridges and roadways, mining locations, cranes and other heavy equipment, multiple-vehicle collision locations, environmental emergency response.

To better serve our clients and provide rapid response to assignments, Rimkus maintains offices in the following locations: