Electrical Engineering Expert Services

Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Rimkus’ staff of electrical engineers includes many with backgrounds in the power business—everything from the generating equipment to the electrical drops serving residences. We are called upon to inspect and evaluate the entire spectrum of the power industry. Performance issues with generation equipment and substations are a common assignment for our staff.

Electrical Fire Cause and Origin

In residential and vehicle fires, electrical systems are often reported as the probable cause. Recent maintenance activities then give rise to subrogation actions. Our electrical engineers have extensive experience in investigating these incidents and are frequently called upon to prove or disprove those assertions.

Electrical Accidents and Electrocutions

Industrial installations are power-hungry facilities. As a result, electrical distribution equipment is found everywhere. Whether carrying high voltage or transmitting high current levels, they can be deadly in the wrong hands. Our electrical engineers are experienced in these arenas and commonly receive assignments to determine the cause of an incident in a commercial or industrial facility. We examine the condition of both the equipment being served and the power distribution system serving it to insure that they are both in safe operating condition. We also inspect for the presence of, and the proper employment of, lock-out/tag-out procedures.

Equipment Damage Evaluations

Following an incident that causes damage to electrical components, it is important to properly inspect equipment that may have been affected before it is placed back in service. To do otherwise risks a second incident and further equipment damage. Careful inspection of electrical connections and key components provides clues to hidden damage that may assert itself when power is restored.

Lightning and Surge Damage

Lightning strikes and the ensuing power surge damage may stem from simple summer thunderstorms or from catastrophic tornadic storms. The end result is the same. Even relatively low voltage power surges cause damage to sensitive electronic components. Higher voltages can exact a toll on the most robust of machinery. Evaluation of damage to equipment is a common request from our clients to help them differentiate between new damage associated with a power surge incident and that stemming from simple wear and tear.

Industrial Control Systems

Complex commercial and industrial installations—refineries, manufacturing plants and even theme parks—consist of a multitude of pieces of equipment, all of which is interconnected with complex control systems. Typically, the current status of each piece of equipment, each section of pipe, every conveyer belt—everything on the property—is transmitted electronically to a centralized location. Instructions are then issued back to the equipment to rebalance the facility's operation as necessary. Clearly, the failure of any portion of these systems can bring a modern facility to its knees in short order. Rimkus electrical engineers have extensive experience with control systems and can help to restore them to proper operating order.


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