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The energy industry is a diverse complex of entities that discover, produce, transport, process, refine and manufacture many products we depend on in our everyday lives. Rimkus' expert energy consultant staff simplifies a complex oil and gas industry to improve your business.

Rimkus' extensive staff includes experts from every aspect of the energy industry, assisting our clients in myriad ways. Consider our breadth of experience:

Oil and Gas

Rimkus' oil and gas experts have 25 or more years of industry experience. They bring a broad perspective to oil and gas consulting, from petroleum geology to onshore and offshore drilling and production, gathering, processing, treating, refining, pipelining and marketing of oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids as well as contract administration. Whether you have a downhole problem, an oilfield accident, problems with your gas processing plant or contract disputes related to marketing, transportation or royalties, Rimkus has the experience to assist you. 

Pipelines and Plants

Drilling, producing, buying and selling the oil and gas production are only part of the equation. Pipeline systems, as well as treating, processing and compression facilities are an equally important part. Incidents regularly occur that result in lost volume, injuries to personnel, damage to equipment and delays in the business process. Rimkus' experts know every inch of the oil patch and can assist in evaluating losses that occur as well as help guide you to the resumption of normal operations.

Chemical and Petrochemical

Rimkus' engineers bring years of experience in all manner and phases of the chemical and petrochemical industry. From the drilling rig and offshore platforms to field treating and processing, pipelining and refining, our assignments include investigations of equipment and material failures, failure to meet performance specifications and fires and explosions from the oil patch to the burner tip.

Energy and Power Sectors

Modern power generation extends far beyond traditional coal-fired boilers and gas-turbine technology to include solar, wind, geothermal and other sources. At the same time, complex and interconnected transmission and distribution facilities encompass vast regions yet are controlled from a single location using highly complex electronics and controls. Understanding problems and failures in this industry calls for an experienced investigator with current knowledge -- both Rimkus standards.

Contractual Disputes

Contractual disputes can involve any of the entities involved in the oil and gas business: mineral owners, lessees, well operators, working interest owners, field and mainline pipeline operators, local distribution companies and industrial end-users. Rimkus has consulted on claims for all of these business entities along the wellhead-to-burner tip conduit.

Specialized Industry Services

Some losses require the application of special skills such as engineering design, equipment selection, cost estimating, risk assessment and management programs, and resolution of contractual disputes. Rimkus experts have years of experience in these arenas and can assist in the timely resolution of issues.

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