Environmental and Health-Related Consulting

Soil, Water and Air Pollution

Environmental pollution of soil, groundwater and surface water often leads to property damage claims as well as penalties for violating federal, state and local laws and regulations.  A seemingly small release of hazardous material can easily cost from tens of thousands to many millions of dollars to remove from the environment depending upon the type of pollutant and whether the pollutant is in the soil, water or both.   Environmental contamination within homes, neighborhoods and workplaces (including indoor air quality issues) can also adversely affect human health and result in toxic tort litigation.

Environmental Remediation Analysis

Rimkus environmental science experts, as well as our environmental health and safety experts, have decades of industry experience in addressing environmental remediation issues and  investigating these types of claims and resultant litigation.  Our understanding of industry operations, waste management practices, environmental remediation techniques, remediation costs, and government regulations forms a firm scientific, cost-effective and supportable basis for each of our investigations. 

Cause and Origin Assessment and PRPs

We have years of experience in reviewing historical data to evaluate whether all potentially responsible parties are allocated a fair share of cleanup costs.  We determine the cause and origin of the pollutant and assess the reasonable and appropriate corrective actions necessary to address the contamination. Auditing incurred costs, monitoring current costs and projecting future remediation costs are our specialty.  When asked, we can provide a qualified professional to oversee cleanup efforts on behalf of our clients.

Experienced Environmental Professionals

Whatever the environmental clean-up or health and safety-related claim, our professional team can provide an objective analysis to deal with the matter effectively.  To learn more about our environmental services, select from the topics below:

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