Environmental Health and Safety Consultants

Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology

A to Z: Asbestos to Zinc. Excess exposure to any substance can lead to illness or even death. Products such as asbestos and chemicals including dioxins, pesticides and xylene aren't the only hazards. Radiation, noise, heat, "flesh-eating" bacteria, mold and hundreds of other hazards can all be equally dangerous and deadly. Rimkus offers a broad range of services to reduce risk:

  • Rimkus Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) assist in developing prevention programs to protect workers from all industries as well as their neighbors.
  • Our experts provide litigation support on a wide range of topics, including asbestos, bacterial pathogens (including Legionella and the impact of ASTM  D5952-08 on the hospitality industry), benzene, carbon monoxide, environmental tobacco smoke, heavy metals and welding fumes (cadmium, lead, manganese, etc.), mold, excess noise, sulfur dioxide and more.

Mold and Indoor Air Quality

People spend a lot of time indoors and expect to breathe clean air no matter their location. Our CIHs and professional engineers have investigated and solved air quality complaints in every type of building in virtually every state, including those devastated by hurricanes, floods and other disasters. But poor indoor air quality is often more complex than mold. Some of our recent exposure claims relate to effects from substances that include second-hand smoke, formaldehyde and other VOCs, radon, carbon monoxide and fire residue and odors, Legionella, lead and mercury contamination -- even sewage-related pathogens.

Food and Consumer Safety

Nothing gets public attention like an alleged food poisoning case. Whether it's a fast-food restaurant, a resort hotel and casino, or a major food supplier that's under suspicion, action is required. Our experts have conducted HACCP reviews and sanitation inspections and investigated numerous food contamination and spoliation claims to help restore trust in a fragile business environment.

Food Product Specifications

In addition, we've investigated off-flavor or off-spec food products, including pet and animal feeds and exotic foodstuffs, allowing the affected parties to resolve disputes and claims -- and get back to business.

Workers' Comp and Environmental Safety

Workers' compensation claims can signal the need for process improvements and increased worker safety; however, many claims should also be investigated to confirm their validity. Illegitimate claims rob resources from safety efforts, drive up insurance premiums, and may affect a company's ability to successfully bid on projects. Our CSPs (Certified Safety Professionals) and CIHs (Certified Industrial Hygienists) bring decades of experience in labor-intensive heavy industry, construction, manufacturing, mining, healthcare, hospitality and commercial settings to provide or improve occupational health and safety programs, help reduce accidents and workers' comp claims, and investigate those claims that just don't seem to "add up."

To better serve our clients and provide rapid response to assignments, Rimkus maintains offices in the following locations: