Fire and Explosion Science Analysis

Cause and Origin Experts

The complex task of uncovering the origin and cause of a fire or explosion can be performed only by highly experienced professionals. Faced with what appears to be nothing more than a charred pile of lumber from a residential fire, a damaged hotel or restaurant, a burned-out vehicle or the twisted ruins of refinery piping following an explosion and fire, Rimkus' experts have uncovered the origin and cause of thousands of incidents. And that's the first step in determining what happened and why.

Property Fires

Property fires stem from a multitude of causes, including faulty wiring, gas leaks from inside or outside the structure, defective appliances or human error. Our experts -- fire and arson investigators, electrical and mechanical engineers and others -- have investigated these and many other sources of property fires and have special training in arson investigation, fire suppression systems, explosions and all other areas of fire investigation including fire modeling. 

Vehicle Fires

Vehicle fires are most frequently caused by faulty equipment or maintenance, electrical shorts or overloads, vehicle accidents or arson. Rimkus experts are called upon to determine whether the fire resulted from sources that may include work recently performed by a repair facility, defective equipment recently installed in the vehicle, arson for revenge or financial gain, and many other reasons. Their training and expertise are highly respected, and they are noted for their ability to communicate clearly and concisely with clients and jurors.


Rimkus' experts have investigated hundreds of explosions of all types around the world. Whether gas, chemical or mechanical explosions and industrial, commercial or residential in origin, our experienced, credentialed and multidiscipline professionals are qualified to cover the full range of investigative requirements, from determination of cause and point of origin to assessment of resultant damage and cost to repair.

Full-Service Approach

The aftermath of fires and explosions also results in a need to evaluate the loss.  Among Rimkus’ practice areas are the following associated services

  • Structural evaluations to determine the safety of structures following a fire or explosion event
  • Determination of extent of damage resulting from fires and explosions
  • Evaluation of assertions of damage from claimants in the area of the event
  • Business interruption claims analysis, brought either under the insured’s coverage or by affected third parties
  • Rebuild or replace decision support
  • Project management support for rebuild or restoration efforts
  • Clerk of the works personnel

These and other services are addressed in greater detail under Construction Claims and Disputes.

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