Forensic Engineering Experts

Above all else, Rimkus is about forensic engineering.  We seek to find out what happened, why it happened, who—if anyone—caused it to happen, how long it will take to put things right, and how much it is going to cost to fix.  We have functioned on assignments in every state in the U.S. and 70 foreign countries.  To perform these tasks, we bring forth a team of forensic experts with a wide range of educational backgrounds and extensive experience in forensic investigation.

Multidisciplinary Approach

The investigation of major incidents and accidents frequently requires the talents of multiple professionals including fire cause and origin experts; some combination of structural, mechanical, electrical, chemical and civil engineers; occupational safety and hazardous waste operations experts; and possibly others.  Because of our staff size, we can provide a team that matches virtually any kind of loss event.  We respond quickly because evidence disappears with time.

Rimkus Brings Experience to the Issue at Hand

Rimkus offers to its clients the services of over 300 professionals, each with an average of more than 20 years industry experience.  With that experience, it is rare that we don’t achieve a strong match of one of our experts to your need.  Additionally, we have a small cadre of experts we maintain under contract to supply unique knowledge and experience in such diverse fields as forensic toxicology, forensic pathology, environmental groundwater hydrology or aerospace medicine.

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To better serve our clients and provide rapid response to assignments, Rimkus maintains offices in the following locations: