Geotechnical/Structural Damage Assessments 

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Geotechnical Engineering Services

Rimkus conducts Geotechnical Engineering Services for residential and commercial properties as well as industrial facilities.  Our experts have been called on to investigate, report, and  provide expert testimony on thousands of geotechnical/structural investigations for a wide variety of claims including 

  • Structural damage assessments
  • Foundations
  • Mining issues and incidents
  • Sinkholes
  • Structural settlements
  • Dam failures
  • Plumbing leak damage assessment
  • Site preparation
  • Pier evaluations
  • Soil analysis
  • Construction vibration evaluations
  • Seismic movement
  • Landslide and slope failure evaluations
  • Soil subsidence
  • Soil improvement design
  • Foundation stabilization design

Our experts determine the cause and, where appropriate, recommend remedial steps to correct those problems.  Among the wide range of geotechnical services we offer are the following:

Dam Failures

Failures of dams in recent times have resulted in extensive flooding, affecting both agricultural and residential properties.  Rimkus has been asked to determine the causes and repair options of these failures and to assist in the inspection of other facilities to help avoid problems of a similar nature.

Mining Issues and Incidents

We have inspected and evaluated losses relating to mining problems of all kinds, including equipment failures; design, construction and safety issues; groundwater, storm water and dewatering problems; and estimation of ore resources.  Along with typical geotechnical problems encountered elsewhere, such as slope failures occurring in open-pit mines, water intrusion from wells and springs, and erosion, we investigate and evaluate these matters routinely.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GPR is used to explore the shallow soil conditions and identify possible anomalies or changes in the soil profile that are suggestive of, or related to, variations in the subsurface strata.

Electrical Resistivity (ER)

ER testing is an active geophysical method that involves applying an electrical current into the ground and measuring the potential difference of the passing current between two points. Variations in current flow cause distinct changes in the potential difference measured. The resistance is determined by the ratio of voltage potential measured across the electrodes and current electrodes.

Standard Penetration Test (SPT) Borings

The SPT method of soils exploration is a technique used to obtain information on the type and approximate thickness of each layer of soil (typically referred to as the soil profile), the relative density of in-situ soils, and the approximate depth to the water table. This method is also used to obtain soil samples for laboratory analysis.

Floor Elevation Survey

The floor elevation survey is performed using a Technidea Pro 2000 Zip level elevation measurement system.  The floor survey is limited to readily accessible areas within the living area of the structure.

Hand Augers

Hand auger borings are performed to obtain information on near surface soil conditions and the approximate depth to the water table. This method is also used to obtain soil samples for laboratory analysis.

Cone Penetrometer Test (CPT) Soundings

The CPT method of soils exploration is a minimally intrusive technique used to obtain information about the soil profile by measuring the resistance to penetration of the probe.

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) Testing

The DCP is a portable, hand-held device that is used to indicate the relative density of in-situ soils in areas difficult to access with the standard penetration test (SPT) equipment.

Soil Improvement and Foundation Stabilization Design

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. personnel have prepared soil improvement and foundation stabilization design for hundreds of properties.  Soil improvement has included limited mobility displacement grouting, slurry grouting, and chemical grouting plans.  Foundation stabilization plans have included push piles, helical underpinnings, mono-posts, adjustable piers, and predrilled piles.

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