Uncovering the Facts

Rimkus is one of the world's foremost forensic engineering and consulting firms We work with government agencies, insurance companies, law firms and corporations to help them understand issues and resolve claims and disputes.

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. (parent company to Rimkus Analytics, LLC) has been in the forensics business since 1983, offering our clients professional engineers, scientists, fire investigators and technical specialists.  Our extensive list of satisfied clients has proven that no project is too large, too small or too complex for our staff to handle promptly and professionally and report results in a clear, concise manner.  We have supported those clients' needs in every state in the U.S. and 70 foreign countries.

Rimkus Consulting Group understands there may be a host of issues government agencies face. Our professionals average over 20-years of industry experience, allowing us to provide subject matter experts in multiple engineering, scientific and other analytical disciplines to investigate, analyze and solve your complex problems--then report the results in a clear, concise manner.  Click here to view a brochure showing the breadth of Rimkus services available to government agencies.

Benefits to the Government

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Top rated firm
  • Total solution provider
  • Quality assurance
  • Disaster recovery experts
  • Over 40 offices across the U.S. and Europe
  • Over 400 full time employees
  • International network
  • Cost effective, best value
  • Cost benchmarking
  • Best practices through innovative strategies & technologies
  • Ability to enter into CTAs
  • Fixed price contract holder

Environmental/Social Attributes

  • Certified LEED subject matter experts
  • Support Zero Net Energy/Waste goals
  • Support Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans
  • Improve workforce productivity
  • Perform environmental impact statements
  • Provide energy assessments
  • Responsible stewardship of taxpayer funds
  • Reduce energy consumption & environmental impacts through design

Government Contact
Philip R. Watters
Phone: (713) 621-3550


To better serve our clients and provide rapid response to assignments, Rimkus maintains offices in the following locations: