Industrial Accidents

Industrial plants and facilities suffer accidents and incidents across the entire span of their service lives.

Rimkus forensic engineers and construction experts have extensive experience gained working in every U.S. state and 70 foreign countries in industrial construction and can help you with those problems.

Industrial Plant Construction

Accidents of all nature occur during construction.  Workmen fall from scaffolding, are crushed between structural members being placed—even get run over by heavy equipment.  Our forensic engineers and construction engineers have investigated accidents of all kind occurring during construction efforts.  They help our clients both understand what happened and avoid recurrence.

Industrial Plant Operations

During the lifespan of an industrial plant, many things occur.  Static operations cover most of that lifespan; however, departures from static operations--such as during plant shutdowns, repairs and modifications, annual turn-arounds, and ensuing start-ups--bring opportunities for incidents.  Most common among those are fires and explosions as valves are opened and close and the plant experiences unanticipated pressures.  Toxic liquids and gasses can be released through vent stacks.  Steam systems can experience overpressure, leading to a failure.  Worse yet, all these things can happen at once.  Our forensic engineers and plant operations experts know how and why these events occur.  We can help you understand them.  More importantly, we can help you prevent them.  To assist in accessing locations that are either difficult to reach or dangerous to approach, we have recently added a fleet of drones to help us access them.

Industrial Plant Decommissioning

Even a plant that has been shut down for an extended period of time is fraught with unseen hazards.  As it is cut apart and disassembled, handling of the materials creates personal injury hazards.  Workers fall from or get knocked off of scaffoldingCranes fail or toppleHazardous gasses and liquids can be encountered.  And when it’s all gone, problems with remediation of the underlying soil remain to be addressed.

Rimkus brings you forensic engineers and forensic construction experts with extensive experience in plant construction, operations, handling of emergencies, and decommissioning.  Let us help you when problems arise.

To better serve our clients and provide rapid response to assignments, Rimkus maintains offices in the following locations:

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To better serve our clients and provide rapid response to assignments, Rimkus maintains offices in the following locations: