Manufacturing and Machinery Sciences

Modern manufacturing operations operate much like the integrated parts of a single machine.

The breakdown of any one part can bring the entire operation to a halt until the problem is identified, a solution found, and repairs or changes made. The problems may arise from a number of sources.

Equipment Performance Issues

Rimkus engineers are frequently retained to determine why a particular piece of equipment does not appear to be meeting the manufacturer's performance specifications or why a process system is not producing the anticipated product output. On-site testing is commonly performed, with the results compared to specifications. As each piece of a system is examined, it is common to find simple solutions such as resizing of ancillary equipment to achieve the desired results.

Physical Damage Assessment

Damages incurred at commercial facilities bring a host of items to the table for evaluation: property damage, repair-or-replace decisions, repair cost analysis, business interruption valuation and mitigation efforts, third-party liability issues, subrogation opportunities, etc. We routinely address all of these components.

While all damage assessment assignments are unique, each is typically performed in concert by Rimkus' civil and structural engineers (for damage to the building structure), along with mechanical, and electrical and chemical engineers (for damage to manufacturing and processing equipment).

Mitigation Efforts

The decision to rebuild or replace should be made with input from seasoned engineers with knowledge of not only the known condition of the equipment but also the potential pitfalls associated with unseen damage. Once that decision is in place, efforts to mitigate damages by accelerating the restoration efforts through temporary equipment installation or resumption of partial operations can take place. During the entire process, consideration should also be given to the underlying cause of the damage and potential for subrogation.

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