Offshore and Inland Marine

Marine losses: Air, Land and Sea

A marine claim can occur at any point between receipt of an article for transportation and when that item arrives successfully at its destination. Inland marine addresses those losses occurring on both inland waters and during any mode of connecting transportation on land, either before or after ocean transport.

Handling Damage

In the event of damage to an article in transit, marine claims often require a trained inspector to determine whether the damage in question occurred as a result of the transportation service or may have been preexisting. In either event, a determination of both the extent of damage and the possibility of repair must be addressed. Rimkus experts routinely handle these matters and are available on short notice to respond to such a loss.

Our clients call upon us to assess the damage to articles being transported by truck, ship, barge, aircraft or other means. Damage may occur during the loading or unloading process. In those instances, we are asked to opine on whether the handling process was appropriate for the article and for the conditions at the time.

Shifting Cargo

Damage may also result from shifting cargo as a result of conditions along a waterway or road conditions or from vehicle accidents and incidents. We are frequently asked to assess the damage to industrial or commercial equipment being transported. We are asked to determine whether the equipment is repairable or not, so that a determination can be made as to whether transport to its ultimate destination should continue.

Personal Watercraft and Pleasure Boats

In close association with our accident reconstruction work, we are frequently called upon to review losses in the recreational arena, including those involving personal watercraft and pleasure vessels of all kind as well as injuries to participants stemming from their use.  We are commonly asked to opine on whether the mechanical condition of the vessel had a causal relationship with the incident; whether the personal watercraft were being used for their intended purposes and in accordance to acceptable safe operating practices; and if injuries reported by participants appear to be the result of the incident as described by witnesses or from other events.

To better serve our clients and provide rapid response to assignments, Rimkus maintains offices in the following locations: