Premises Liability

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Accidents occur on both private and public property.  Issues arise regarding facility design and construction and their compliance with applicable codes and regulations. 

Rimkus offers a highly specialized team of premises liability experts to assist you in all aspects of slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall evaluations, conformity and industry standards and building site safety reviews. Supporting this effort is our experienced team consisting of engineers, architects, construction managers and biomechanical experts.

Premises Liability Experts with Broad Experience

Rimkus' consultants have evaluated amusement parks accidents; balcony and railing failures; escalators and elevators; floor, bathtub and shower slip and fall incidents and resistance testing; loading docks; pedestrian crosswalks; playground equipment; lighting; stairways; swimming pools and even uneven sidewalks.

Compliance Issues

Our team is well-versed in ADA compliance, ASTM standards agreement, building code requirements, slip-resistance testing, signage and lighting conditions and workplace hazard analysis. 

Injury Causation Biomechanics

Injury claims attributed to inadequate facility design can be both painful and expensive.  Our biomechanical engineers review accident reports, the injuries that resulted, and the reported causation to assess whether those injuries could have reasonably resulted from the reported accident.  Our property loss consultants utilize specialized test equipment including the Brungraber Mark I to measure slip resistance in bathtubs and showers (ASTM Standard F462 tests), numerous English XL tribometers and drag sleds (ASTM C1028 tests).

A History of Satisfied Clients

The challenge with premises liability is often tied to firm knowledge of both state and local municipal codes.  Rimkus’ full-time, locally-based employees have the necessary local insight to assess which code applies when multiple codes appear to conflict. Our clients have found our assessments in this area to be thorough, with prompt and clear results reported. As a direct result, we have experienced substantial growth in this part of our business over the past several years.  Our experts have examined slip and fall events in single-family residences, hotels and motels, restaurants, casinos, commercial high-rise buildings and manufacturing and industrial facilities worldwide.  Let us show you what our services can offer.

To better serve our clients and provide rapid response to assignments, Rimkus maintains offices in the following locations: