Product Liability and Equipment Sciences

Loss of life or serious injury accidents are often blamed on equipment or product malfunctions.

Rimkus evaluates injury and property damage claims caused by commercial products, heavy equipment or machines not working properly. Our experts determine how and why the incident occurred and determine if a given product or machine failed.

Forensic Engineers with Broad Experience

Our engineers have examined all manner of products ranging from toasters and plumbing fittings to wind turbine blades and tower segments; gasoline, diesel and natural gas-fueled engines to massive gas turbines; all manner of component parts to vehicles of all sizes; and delicate electronic equipment from the computer or medical device arenas to structural steel components. We examine raw materials used in construction such as building products along with scaffolding, cranes and other aerial devices.  Our experience extends to products and materials involved in chemical and toxic torts along with children's products, food and food packaging and recreational products.  By having engineers from virtually every discipline, we can respond to our clients needs to address a broad spectrum of products and materials.

Standardized Investigative Techniques

Rimkus' investigative techniques have been developed to analyze the full spectrum of the product cycle, including evaluating the method of use and operation by the owner. Only when these critical aspects are considered can a factual basis be developed to explain what happened and why. We have evaluated incidents involving all manner of vehicles and construction equipment, as well as commercial fire-suppression systems, home appliances, recreational vehicles and equipment, and metallurgical and material failures.

Inspection and Testing Facilities

To support these investigations, many of our offices maintain special examination and testing facilities where qualified and experienced engineers and technicians disassemble and examine failed equipment. We utilize a scientific approach to product liability evaluations, including testing and evaluation and continuing all the way through litigation support, as required. Our product inspection and laboratory tests are designed and performed by qualified engineers, metallurgists and other specialists to determine the root cause of product and component failures. Our non-destructive examination provides documentation as to the cause of the failure, pertinent recall data and manufacturer and model information. Where required, we also provide destructive testing evaluation.  From this work, we are able to determine in detail the reasons behind the product failure, the cause of which ranges from design deficiencies and material defects to installation errors or even simple misuse of the item. 

To better serve our clients and provide rapid response to assignments, Rimkus maintains offices in the following locations:

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To better serve our clients and provide rapid response to assignments, Rimkus maintains offices in the following locations: