Property Loss Consultants

Property losses extend across all aspects of our society, affecting residential, commercial and even industrial construction. We have extensive experience across the entire span.

Problems with commercial and residential buildings occur on a daily basis. Some can be attributed to natural causes, like storms or high winds, while others may result from events such as fires and explosions. Still others relate to improper construction methods or inferior materials, resulting in construction defects or failure of mechanical or electrical components comprising the building’s HVAC, electrical or plumbing systems.

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Residential, Commercial and Industrial Structures

Rimkus engineers and architects have investigated and advised clients on every manner of problem in structures ranging from single-story houses to high-rise apartment buildings; one-story motels to resort hotels and casinos; and all manner of commercial, manufacturing and industrial facilities.  From top to bottom and side to side, we address roofing materials and roof structures; load-bearing and partition walls and floor structures; interior finish materials and fittings from gypsum wallboard to paneling and cabinetry; HVAC, electrical, lighting and plumbing systems; and exterior finishes such as EIFS, stucco, brick veneer, and trim.  To assist in these inspections, we have recently added a fleet of drones to help us access areas that are otherwise inaccessible or difficult or dangerous to reach. We have over 25 years experience in evaluation of problems in these areas.  We address these issues from all of our offices across the country, so response is cost effective, quick and performed by personnel with experience and knowledge regarding both national and local building code requirements.

Weather-Related Incident Response

In the aftermath of storms, we are asked to respond to evaluate damage to property ranging from the roof, floors and walls caused by hurricanes, high winds, tornadoes, hail storms, and blizzards as well as to the interior due to mold and mildew or other water-related damage stemming from resultant water intrusion.  Our construction engineers as well as our certified industrial hygienists and other experts can respond with damage evaluation, detailed causation assessments, reconstruction and remediation plans, repair cost estimates, and even construction oversight on behalf of our clients..

Premises Liability

We are routinely called upon in premises liability losses to perform coefficient of friction testing at locations where a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall has occurred--particularly in retail stores, restaurants and hotels. Using standardized testing methods and equipment, we are able to determine whether the surface meets code requirements. Our experts frequently are called upon for deposition or courtroom testimony to report their findings.

Broad Experience

At Rimkus, we understand the problems associated with building structures and systems. Our hands-on experts from engineering and architectural backgrounds analyze damage and defects from the roof to the foundation and all points in between.


To better serve our clients and provide rapid response to assignments, Rimkus maintains offices in the following locations: