Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Seasoned Testifying Experts

While Rimkus’ experts are trained and experienced in all manner of accident reconstruction, including such events as industrial accidents, product failures, and construction accidents, we have the most extensive experience in vehicle accident reconstruction.  We have reconstructed accidents involving cars and trucks and all other kinds of vehicles from pick-ups to eighteen-wheelers, busses, trains, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and pedestrians. 


Detailed Recreation of the Events

Our forensic engineering and analysis experts evaluate all evidence available to reconstruct the series of events leading up to the accident:

  • From the accident scene, we examine evidence such as skid marks, signage and traffic lights, and the relationship of the accident location to intersections, public and private driveways, and other physical data.  We use state-of-the-art digital mapping equipment to record the locations of all key features with great accuracy.
  • We examine damage to the vehicles to see if it is consistent with the statements of the drivers, passengers and other witnesses.  We also examine the physical dimensions of the vehicles themselves and published data describing deformation of those specific vehicles' crush zones at various impact speeds.
  • We download crash data from the vehicles’ on-board computer systems to show pre-accident details such as vehicle speed, when and if the vehicles’ brakes were applied, and other available data.

Creation of the End Product

Working from the most complete information available, our forensic engineering and analysis experts perform the complex calculations required to reconstruct the accident event , including what was occurring prior to impact, the impact itself, and the aftermath.  This highly detailed analysis can then be translated by our Animation, Graphics and Video Group into an accurate and realistic simulation of the incident so our clients—and juries—can understand exactly how the accident occurred.

Courtroom Presentation

In those instances where differences remain between the parties and the matter is referred to the legal process, Rimkus forensic engineering and analysis experts use their experience and training to convey clearly to the jury how and why the accident occurred.  When required, our biomechanical engineering experts can be called upon to explain how an accident did--or did not--result in bodily injuries claimed by the parties.  All of these details are explained clearly and in layman's terms and can be supplemented with the added power of detailed and accurate animated recreations of the incident from our Animation, Graphics and Video experts.

More on Accident Reconstruction

More detail on the scope of our accident recreation work can be found on our Accident Reconstruction Experts page. 

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