Updated 2015 Speaking Engagements

Rimkus is pleased to announce that our professional consulting staff will again be presenting several continuing education seminars this year, focused on forensic investigations to help meet the needs of risk managers, attorneys, and claims professionals.

National Events

PLRB Western Regional Conference
June 16, 2015 - Frisco, TX

Subrogation: “Top 10 Failures with Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Systems” will educate attendees on the most common types of failures of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems, as well as heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems found in buildings today. The panel will present multiple case studies and review techniques for evaluating MEP losses, such as identifying potential responsible parties, assessing repairs versus replacement, and preparing cost estimates for various repair options.

Speaker Panel
Robert A. Stern, Esq., Partner, Clausen Miller, P.C.
Jeffrey H. Peters, PE, LEED® AP BD+C, MAC, CEICC, CSDS, CMCC, Vice President, National MEP Division Manager, Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

The PLRB Western Regional Conference is a two-day event which provides industry professionals the opportunity to earn up to 12 hours of CE credits. Regional critical claims topics will be presented and give attendees the opportunity to gain knowledge to broaden professional development skills. Click here for more information.

CLM Product Liability Conference
July 16, 2015 - Irvine, CA

“How to Prevent Spoliation of Evidence in a Product Liability Case” will inform attendees on the basic principles of law regarding spoliation of evidence, tips for avoiding the spoliation trap and information about making informed decisions on how to manage spoliation risks. Panelists will explore effective ways of advising insureds and clients about evidence preservation, document retention/destruction policies and prompt inspections of the product prior to alteration and proper storage of evidence.

Speaker Panel
Jillisa L. O’Brien, Managing Partner, Murtaugh, Meyer, Nelson & Treglia, LLP
Mary Ann Vorndran, Manager, The Navigators Group, Inc.
Michael W. Wiseman, Vice President, Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

The CLM's two-day Southern California Conference brings together content in three specialized tracks – Product Liability, Subrogation, and Claims/Litigation Management. Professionals from around the country will come together to learn from industry leaders as they discuss trends, strategies, and risk management. Click here for more information.

Regional Events

6th Annual Forensic CE/CLE Seminar
May 8, 2015 - Greenwood Village, CO

“Fireplace & Chimney Fires,presented by Joseph R. Filas, CFI, CFEI, Fire Consultant, Rimkus Fire Practice Group

“Using Animation in Biomechanical Claims,presented by Richard V. Baratta, PhD, PE, Vice President, Rimkus Biomechanical Practice Group, and Chris Cuellar, AAS, Animator/Graphic Artist, Rimkus Animation & Graphics Practice Group.

“The Appraisal Process,presented by Terence D. Kadlec, PE, Senior Consultant, Rimkus Property Practice Group, and Lyndsay K. Arundel, Attorney with Lewis Roca Rothgerber.

“Advanced Leak Detection,presented by Brian N. Strandjord, PE, Consultant, Rimkus Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Practice Group.

“The Technical Toolbox – Investigative Tool Advancements,presented by Scott M. VanSchaardenburg, PE, LEED®AP, Principal Consultant, Rimkus Construction Practice Group.

“Vehicle Accident Investigation and Evidence Gathering,presented by Garrick F. Mitchell, MS, PE, Western Region Manager, Rimkus Forensic Practice Group, and Daniel J. Bristol, Attorney with Godin & Baity.

The 6th Annual Forensic CE/CLE Seminar is a one-day training session on a variety of topics which are approved for CO, FL, OK, TX, and WY CE credits as well as CO, NM, and WY CLE credits. Click here for more information.

1st Annual Forensic CE Seminar
June 2, 2015 - Hayward, CA
June 25, 2015 - Orange, CA

“Property Damage Due to Soils and Plumbing Failures” is a two-hour course designed to help attendees understand the types of soils prevalent in California, and how soil issues, combined with chemical erosion of the plumbing/sewer system, have resulted in property damage losses. Speakers will share their familiarity with typical causes of property loss, and provide an understanding of root causes and remedies available to the claims handler.

“Roof Collapse – Investigation and Causes” is a one-hour course designed to educate adjusters and attorneys on the causes of roof collapse and how they are investigated and analyzed by structural engineering experts. Speakers will share numerous case studies to help illustrate examples and will also provide the typical causes of roof failures presented.

Seminar Speakers
Kurt Ahlich, PE, Rimkus Principal Consultant
James J. Mason, PhD, PE, Rimkus Principal Consultant
Wayne B. Deming, PE, Rimkus Senior Consultant
Nathan J. Taylor, PE, Rimkus Senior Consultant

The 1st Annual Forensic CE Seminar is a one-day seminar which will present problems related to expansive soils and how they contribute to plumbing failures. Residential and commercial roof failures will also be presented. A total of 3 CA CE credit hours is available. Click here for more information on the June 2, 2015 Hayward, CA seminar. Click here for more information on the June 25, 2015, Orange, CA seminar.

5th Annual Forensic CE/CLE Seminar
June 4, 2015 - Austin, TX

Vehicle Accident/Injury Investigation Track will demonstrate several live vehicle accidents and lead attendees through the investigation of each accident. In addition, participants will learn how biomechanics, proper evidence collection, and the study of Human Factors and related technologies may be used effectively in defending insurance claims.

Seminar Speakers
Lance Phy, ACTAR, Rimkus Senior Consultant
Clifford L. McCarter, ACTAR, Rimkus Senior Consultant
Eric J. Mayes, MS, BSME, Rimkus District Manager
Jason D. Jupe, MS, PE, Rimkus Forensic Division Manager

Fire Investigation, Business Interruption, and Live Burn Demonstration Track will present live burn training and demonstration through review of fire development, fire pattern recognition, and fire origin and cause investigations. Demonstrations will be followed by classroom instruction related to electrical losses, post fire structural evaluations and interviewing claimants and insureds,.

Seminar Speakers
Nick J. Olson, AAS, IAAI-CFI, NAFI-CFEI, Rimkus Fire Consultant
Bryan L. Skelly, IAAI-CFI/NAFI-CFEI, CVFI, Rimkus South Central Region Fire Manager
Dennis L. Rasco, PE, CFEI, Rimkus Senior Consultant
P.J. (Trish) Fritsche, CPA, CFF, CITP, CGMA, Rimkus Analytics Managing Director

The 5th Annual Forensic CE/CLE Seminar will provide attendees the opportunity to choose between a Vehicle Accident/Injury track and a Property/Fire educational track, which offers a total of 8 TX CE/CLE credit hours, including 2 hours of ethics. Click here for more information.

12th Annual Forensic CE Seminar
June 24-25, 2015 - Tampa, FL

“Wet, Wild, Windy Claim Issues and their Effects on Coverage Decisions,presented by Johnn M. Kreuser, PE, Division Manager, Rimkus Construction Practice Group, and Vincent Beilman, Esq., with Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman, LLP.

“Condensation: The Mysterious Moisture,presented by Mark R. Barrow, Principal Consultant, Rimkus Property Practice Group.

“ABC’s of Video Enhancement,presented by Barbara M. Worsham, PI, Vice President, Rimkus Animation and Graphics Practice Group.

“Legal Considerations of Commercial Fire Losses Illustrated with a Restaurant Fire Suppression System,presented by Samuel L. Sharpless, PE, CFEI, Vice President, Rimkus Electrical Practice Group, and Courtney Siders, Esq., with Powers, McNalis, Torres & Teebagy.

The 12th Annual Forensic CE Seminar is a two-day training session that includes Florida CE accredited courses for up to 12 hours of credit units. Day 1 will consist of six one-hour courses on various topics. Day 2 will be dedicated to a Legislative and Property Case Law Update, as well as the new 5-hour Law & Ethics required course. Click here for more information.

2nd Annual Forensic CE Seminar
June 26, 2015 - Oklahoma, OK

“Motorcycle Accident Analysis & Reconstruction,presented by Lance Phy, ACTAR, Senior Consultant, Rimkus Forensic Practice Group.

“Biomechanics of Injury Causation,presented by Richard V. Baratta, PhD, PE, Vice President, Rimkus Biomechanical Practice Group.

“Interviewing Insureds & Claimants to Find Out the Details,presented by P.J. (Trish) Fritsche, CPA, CFF, CITP, CGMA, Managing Director, Rimkus Analytics.

“Premises Liability,presented by William H. Eldorado, PE, Senior Consultant, Rimkus Property Practice Group.

“Differentiating Earthquakes from Other Types of Structural Movement,presented by Chad T. Williams, PE, Senior Consultant, Rimkus Property Practice Group.

The 2ndAnnual Forensic CE Seminar is a one-day training session on a variety of topics providing attendees to earn a total of 6 CE credits which are approved for AR, OK, and TX. Click here for more information.

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